Monday, April 20, 2015

Introduction: Emily Does Chicago

I’ve sat and thought about this first post for quite a while. I wanted to make sure it covered all the bases of what ya’ll are going to get here, but really I’m not quite sure what they are at this point. I know I want people to come here for information; information on Chicago and all the awesome things there are to do here. I also want people to come here for inspiration or motivation.

I waited over a year and a half to start this blog. When really, I knew I wanted to do it even before I moved to Chicago. Here, I’d love to inspire others to follow their dreams or even encourage them to take the first steps to moving to this amazing city.

This city is something magical in the fact that you want to share it and every little amazing thing about it. From the people, to the food, even the entertainment options are always endless. I’m not here to feed you the boring mundane stuff you see on The Reader or Chicago Tribune, this is Chicago through my eyes, and how I made it here all on my own.


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